Maria Seddio
Founder and Principal, CorpTalk

For over 20 years, Maria Seddio has been transforming the corporate world through constructive dialogue. She is an executive coach and organizational design and development consultant specializing in communication, corporate community-building and collaborative design.

Maria broke new ground by designing CorpTalk: a vanguard approach to business communication, one that centers on innovation and team building, and melds the art, science and practice of conversation together to create transformational change. CorpTalk uses methodologies grounded in systems thinking, interpersonal neuroscience, conversational theory and the power of storytelling to help organizations achieve competitive success.

Using a well-curated and comprehensive content library featuring CorpTalk’s signature program, Change is a Conversation™, Maria has crafted large scale change initiatives and think tank forums linked to highly strategic business objectives in Global 100, mid-size, fast-growth companies and startups. She advises C-level executives and global business leaders on strategies to embed conversation as core business process into corporate culture

As founder of “The Washline”, a participatory art and story sharing initiative that promotes the legacy of working women across the ages, Maria is active in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship empowerment.

Trained in interpersonal psychology and systems theory, Maria received her master’s degree in counseling from Hofstra University and is a Licensed Family Therapist and past president of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Maria was awarded Coaching Diplomate status by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy (IABMCP). Maria lives in New York City.