Throughout time, culture is shaped through our daily interactions and the ways in which we communicate. It is the quality of our conversations that determines the quality of our lives – at work, at home and in our communities. We apply the art, science, and practice of conversation to tap into the full potential of any organization and the hearts and minds of people. The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we are told shape our sense of identity and frame our experience. By invigorating our conversations, we pump life into our stories and our stories become more vibrant and alive through our conversations. This powerful interplay functions as a framework for meaning and our greatest working asset to empower change. We help organizations to productively channel this energy and to master the art, science and practice of conversation as a core cultural competency.


Communication 101 &102
Art, Science, and Practice of Conversation (Foundations/Advanced/Mastery)
BrainFrame (Organizational Storytelling)
BrainFrame (Neuroscience of Narrative Change)


Our coaching brings out the best in people, positioning them to thrive and organizations to succeed. We offer customized coaching solutions drawing from over 35 proprietary coaching modules to engage in meaningful conversations. CorpTalk Master Coaches provide learning experiences to sustain leadership development and breakthrough performance.


Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching
Online Coaching


We support teams to actively engage in high performance activities, creative problem-solving, and knowledge sharing. We partner with leaders and team members to foster trust and
transparency through honest dialogue and self-reflective practices. We are able to honor important differences and channel unspoken tensions into safe solution space and greater relational health. Through hands-on, creative engagement, we lay the foundation for deeper commitments and more open, honest conversation.


Team Acceleration
Facilitation Skill-Building
Small-World Event Hosting