The quality of our conversations make all the difference.

At CorpTalk, we are experts in the art, science and practice of conversation. This body of knowledge informs everything we do.
The Art. Great conversations are artful. Being attuned to what is being said but also to what is possible, emergent and most promising. Being skilled at introducing a topic or framing conversations with others in ways that spark curiosity, new ideas and interest. Being present and mindful about the words we choose and the potential they have to heal or harm. Using metaphors, gestures and symbols artfully to deepen understanding and/or inspire.
The Science. Robust research and scientific insights support us to effectively engage in transformative conversations. Understanding how emotional intelligence and empathy allow us to pick up on cues and build trust. Recognizing the variables that support successful conversations and knowing what to use, when and to what outcomes.
Knowing which techniques to use to focus brain activity enhances our ability to attentively listen, articulate our positions and engage others.
The Practice. Engaging in productive, meaningful conversations takes practice. Being present and attentive to the conversation and to the experience of others. Noticing body sensations to check for and address early signs of tension. Sensing a promising moment to introduce a topic or ask a thoughtful question. Choosing a word that empowers rather than one that limits. Attending to the impact you are having on others in order to align more closely to your intentions.
As recognized experts in the art, science and practice of conversation, we customize fully integrated solutions and deliver programs that deliver immediate impact and lasting benefit.
From Global 100 to small social enterprise companies, we engage our clients in transformational change by helping them build their capacity for better conversations.

Curious how learning the art, science and practice of conversation can make the difference in your work and in your organization?

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