Change is a Conversation

con·ver·sa·tion / känvərˈsāSH(ə)n/

“manner of conducting ourselves in the world” From Latin com “with, together” + versare “turn about with”
At CorpTalk, we are expert in teaching the art, science, and practice of conversation to support extraordinary success stories and empower change. Through strategic advisement, 1-1 and team coaching, interactive workshops, large group engagement and practitioner certification, we support you to become expert too.
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Our Approach

Art, Science Practice

We are expert in the art, science and practice of conversation. This body of knowledge informs everything we do.

We believe that conversation is the cure TM and the quality of our conversations make all the difference. LEARN MORE

Curious how you can make a difference in your work and in your organization?
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Humans have already changed the world several times by changing the way they have conversation.




We stretch and grow (or evolve) as a result of the quality of our conversations.

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We turn self-awareness and discovery into deliberated action.

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We all benefit from a healthier intersection of community, commerce, and culture.

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from Latin n. Civitas or community of citizens also from Sanskrit n. Mind, heart, feeling.

Città @ CorpTalk: A creative space for constructive conversation and social innovation.

CorpTalk is introducing Citta’, a new way for professionals to think, feel, talk and come together.

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Change is a Conversation, CorpTalk’s signature program, provides a powerful leader’s guide and organizational playbook to effectively navigate the changing world. Through a combination of innovative engagement methods, advisement, think tank forums, train-the-trainer certifications, and coaching, we support individuals, teams, and organizations to ramp up their change efforts and realize bold visions for self-organized learning and sustainable success. LEARN MORE






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