Change is a Conversation™, CorpTalk’s signature program, provides a powerful leader’s guide and organizational playbook to effectively navigate the changing world. Ensuring that all stakeholder voices are valued and included, Change is a Conversation™ embeds the art, science and practice of conversation into living culture to build organizational capabilities and empower change.
Through a combination of innovative engagement methods, advisement, think tank forums, train-the-trainer certifications, and coaching, we support individuals, teams, and organizations to ramp up their change efforts and realize bold visions for self-organized learning and sustainable success.
Change is a Conversation™ emerges from over 20 years of field experience and applied research involving tens of thousands of people within Global 100, fast-track, non-profit and family-owned businesses. It is inspired by a holistic mindset and features a comprehensive and customizable content library created and carefully curated to bring best-in-class tools and techniques, including conversational and story-telling frames, to our clients. By transferring our expert knowledge base into your organization, we support you to succeed at your highest-priority endeavors while simultaneously building organizational change capabilities and a skilled workforce.